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Famous TV Monkeys



Sal is the Muppet bodyguard to Johnny Fiamma (The world's Greatest Singer). His favorite quote: "Who's my stinky little monkey?


Blip was the star on the Hanna-Barbera show "Space Ghost". Space Ghost and his friends Jace, Jan and Blip were protectors of the universe.


Marcel is the Monkey who stared in eight episodes of Friends.

Mr TeenyMr Teeny:

Mr Teeny is a cartoon monkey form the Simpsons, Krusty the Klown's monkey sidekick.


Mojo is Homer Simpson's good friend.

Dr Gori & KarisDr. Gori and Karis:

Spectreman was a cyborg from space who was sent to the Earth to battle the evil space ape-man Dr. Gori and his gorilla henchman Karis in their attempts to take over the Earth.

Mojo JojoMojo:

Mojo is a mortal enemy of the Powerpuff girls.


Debbie is from Lost in Space, she was an alien character played by a chimp.


"Monkey" is the star of Dexter's Laboratory, special episode Dial M for Monkeys. Star of "The Justice Friends". By day he's regular monkey, living a simple life in Dexter's Laboratory but when evil is about, he becomes the Intergalactic Defender of the Universe.

Grape ApeGrape Ape:

The Grape Ape is a Hanna-Barbera Laugh-O-Lympics participant.

Magalla GorillaMagilla Gorilla:

Magilla Gorilla is the star of his own Hanna-Barbara show.


Igoo was the star of the Hanna-Barbera show Herculoids. He was the rock ape that had strenght an cunning as his weapon and was Tara's best friend and protector.

Furious GeorgeFurious George:

Furious George is a knife yielding brawler from the Simpsons. "He ain't so pretty anymore," a quote from Moe.


Bingo was one of the four hosts of The Banana Splits Show, a Hanna-Barbera semi-live action show that debuted in 1968 .


Bj and the Bear stared the chimpanzee BJ after having some problems with the original "bear" star, hence the name.


Cheetah, Tarzan's best friend is undoubtably one of the most famous monkeys of all time.


The cartton Tarzan's little friend.



Yank was the chimp guest star on The Tick animated series.He was irradiated to get super genius level.


Chim-Chim, (aka Senpei) was the Speed Racer's "friend".


Cha-Ka was the highly evolved ape, the star of the Land of the Lost.

J. Fred MuggsJ. Fred Muggs

This chimp is Dave Garroway's lovable chimpanzee sidekick on the original Today show, was actually a nasty ol' critter who once knocked a March of Dimes poster girl off her crutches.


Your Monkey Mind ConnectionIs being famous really 'all in the mind'?

There is only one way to know for sure...

ask your monkey. Yeah, you know, the one in

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