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The Drunk Monkey Mind - An amazing six part video series! Who is the Drunk Monkey in your mind? Master Motivator Matthew Ferry, presents five videos on the Monkey Mind he affectionately refers to as the Drunk Monkey.

Irish MonkeysCould these Irish monkeys be the next big Riverdance Stars? Are the monkeys actually Irish? We may never know the answers to these questions. All we really know for sure is, they're not talking and they sure can dance!

The Collective Monkey Mind - An entertaining perspective of the collective monkey mind by Ernest Cline on the human condition in our modern world. Are we in denial about who we really are? This video may make you wonder... 

Anchor MonkeysNews Anchor Monkeys Talk on TV  Just like the real news, with ad-a-monkey twist. Watch these great new anchor-monkeys announcing the 5 o'clock news. Of course you'll have to watch the silly monkey ads first!

Click Here To Watch the Classic 1940 Chiquita Banana Animated Commercials!

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Watch Monkey Videos

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