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Famous Movie Monkeys



Esther is a chemist who happens upon the "fountain of youth" formula in Howard Hawks "Monkey Business" (1952). She tests it out on the humans, with amusing results. With Cary Grant, Ginger Rogers, Charles Coburn, and Marilyn Monroe.


Ronald Reagan's favorite costar.

King KongKing Kong:

The star of his own films, as well as costar with Godzilla in the 1962 Kingukongu tai Gojira. "Rumours of significantly different endings have persisted for years, with Godzilla winning in the Japanese edit and King Kong victorious in the USA version.

Son of KongSon of Kong:

Action Star extraordinaire II, the only sequel to be released in the same year as it's prequel (1933).

Mecha King KongMecha King Kong:

Star of "King Kong Escapes" (1967). Godzilla class movie in which Godjira himself does not make an appearance. "The plot finds the villians mining illegal radioactive minerals, using a mechanical replica of King Kong".

Mghty Joe YoungMighty Joe Young:

The simi-giant gorilla action star extraordinaire III.


Clint Eastwood's "partner" in "Every Which Way But Loose".


Amy is the star of the major motion picture "Congo", prentending to have to use speech translator attached to her arm.

King LouieKing Louie:

The King of the Apes in "The Jungle Book"


Rafiki is the lively Shaman in "The Lion King".


Aladdin's "friend" in the 1992 Disney cartoon production of "Aladdin".


Buddy is the gorilla star of the 1997 Sony Pictures production "Buddy".


Dunston is the jewel thief star of the 1996 20th Century Fox production "Dunston Checks In".


Elijah is a dyspeptic chimp from Being John Malkovich, plagued by feelings of inadequacy stemming from a mysterious childhood trauma.


A kleptomaniacal star of the 1994 film "Monkey Trouble". Dodger appeared opposite Thora Birch and Harvey Keitel.


The chimpanzee Ed, is the third baseman and eponymous hero of the 1996 "comedy" Ed. Taught Matt LeBlanc how to love.


Tarzan's mom in the 1999 Disney cartoon production of "Tarzan".


Tarzan's dad, a cartoon gorilla and previously mentioned cinematic wonder.


Rosie O'Donnell climbs one step up the evolutionary ladder.


Star of 1987 film "Project X" with Matthew Broderick and Helen Hunt.

El gorilla Sohoel Gorilla de Soho:

The leader of a Gorilla gang in 1968 film.

White PongoWhite Pongo:

An albino Gorilla and the star of the 1945 film "White Pongo"


Star of the 1970 film "Trog" with Joan Crawford. In England, some students are mysteriously murdered. A search team is sent out to kill the creature suspected of killing the students. The creature is captured and brought to anthropologist, Br. Brockton. Dr. Brockton realizes the creature is the "TROG" the missing link between man and ape. She decides to study it and educate it. Just as she was making progress, "TROG" escapes and abducts a little girl. Brockton and colleagues franticly search for Trog hoping to find it before the police.


Your Monkey Mind ConnectionIs being famous really 'all in the mind'?

There is only one way to know for sure...

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